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Wisdom jobs Canada is a partner site of wisdom IT services. We’ve already occupied great place in the market with our portals like India, Gulf, Malaysia, Singapore and USA.  Canada is the world’s second largest country with more job opportunities in various sectors. Service sector is the major sector which employs more than half of Canadians. The other major industries for providing employment are manufacturing, energy, automotive, banking and agriculture. We’ve entered in to Canada job market to occupy better place and accomplish our mission with our innovative products like Pragnya Meter and E-University and to continue as a leading recruitment firm in various areas like staffing, strategic sourcing and logistics. Our portal has been covered major sectors of Canadian economy with many job opportunities of Canada top employers.

We are unique in the market with our innovative tools

Expand your knowledge with e-University Pragnya Meter - A way to explore your skills
e-University pragnya meter

e-UNIVERSITY opened new vistas in e-learning process. It provides online subject material on multiple skillsets with knowledge acquisition. It is a complete package of 6000 skill sets with 5 crore multiple choice questions and 2 crore interview questions (till date) on various skillsets for rigorous practice. We adopted 5p’s concept for our business growth. 5P’s include Planning, Preparation, Presentation, Practice and Personality.

    The main features of e-University:
  • More than 2 crore Interview questions
  • Single click access for various skill sets
  • Useful parameter for advanced information
  • Enhance your job search with multiple skill sets
  • Gain success in your interview with rigorous practice

PRAGNYA METER is a knowledge assessment meter that helps you in rating your skills to present your technical ability along with your profile to the job market. It is an innovative tool designed to test your subject expertise on multi-skillsets. The Pragnya meter score appears on your resume and grabs the attention of an employer in the talent hunt.

    The main features of Pragnya meter:
  • Get certified with 6000+ skill sets
  • Over 5 crore Multiple Choice questions
  • Standout in the crowd with Pragnya score
  • Grab the attention of over 35,000+ recruiters
  • Get your resume handpicked by top companies
  • Be a priority job seeker and win your dream job


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